Brescia Tourist Bloggers Trip – My Interests Declared

Some weeks ago I won the Nigerian lottery. Again. You know the emails. ‘All you have to do is send us your bank details’… That kind of message. They must work I suppose. Someone HAS to reply otherwise they’d presumably stop. But who could be so daft? Well, it wasn’t quite the Nigerian lottery. But, as I sit and blog from the Stansted Express on my way to Brescia, the almost-as-good-win has come as a result of me being that ‘someone who replied’. Now I should quickly add that, although the email I received inviting me on a bloggers trip to Brescia and the surrounding area initially seemed too good to be true, the similarities with the Kenyan lottery end there.

Replying I’d certainly be interested in learning more about this trip. Several things, all of which were unexpected happened; one – I received a reply, two – more details were forthcoming, three – there was someone on the end of the phone when I called and four – the flight I am very early for was paid for by the Brescia Tourist Board. This is a short post. The adventure is to come over the next three days as I am to be whisked round an area I am less than familiar with, the timing of which coincides with an event celebrating Italian lakes called Festival dei Laghi (

However, as I believe is the done thing in such cases, I feel compelled to declare my interest in the next couple of blogs. In an, I think, very innovative move, Brescia Tourism have selected eight or so blogs from the Internet, contacted their authors, and put together a blogger trip. In exchange for, what looks an incredible programme including hotels, visits and restaurants, we are to blog. I assume the idea being our posts, in what is the much celebrated centenary year of DH Lawrence’s visit to the area, might persuade our readers to themselves visit one day.

I feel honoured to have been selected. As you know I love my blog and I hope I and it can do justice to this area. For 2ndcupoftea, this is a first, but perhaps a pointer in the future direction. So, look out for the next two blogs. My interests have now been declared, but looking at their website and app (they MUST be ahead of their time), I doubt it will feel too much like work.

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~ by 2ndcupoftea on May 24, 2012.

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  1. When will you be there? Also from the next Thursday to Saturday?

  2. I was selected too, btw… 😉

  3. Thomas, I am thrilled for them that they found YOU!! Enjoy every moment; I await your posts…

  4. Congrats on your selection, that sounds like a great opportunity! I like the concept of your site too, it is meaningful!

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