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Ephesus has to be one of THE most impressive archaeological sites I have ever visited. That said, it is probably also one of the most crowded. However there is a way to avoid the crowds and this is probably the best tip on this page – avoid the cruise ships! I detest cruise ships (but that is another blog) – here 95% of the hordes that visit come on shore excursions from nearby Kuşadası. The main issue I have with them is simply that most of the thousands who pile into buses and are whizzed off, have no real idea where they are off to our why – it’s simply the done thing…

Wonderful Ephesus

Wonderful Ephesus

So, try to get a list – or better talk to locals (they all work with cruises) – and find out what is in port and when during your planned stay in the area, then simply; go at a different time. I did this with my last group and we were literally alone in the amazing terraced houses section – wow, wow, wow!

My tip would be to stay in the village of Sirince about 20 minutes away – ok so this too can be busy with cruise day-trippers, but come evening time, it is a wonderful place as the locals reclaim their village.


Sevengul Gunes ‘Seven Roses in Ephesus’. Here is another wonderful guide I’ve worked with. Ephesus needs a guide. It’s an amazing site, but trust me a good guide can make such a difference.

Guide of Many Talents - Seven Roses

Guide of Many Talents – Seven Roses

Seven Roses – for this is the meaning of her name, will make your visit outstanding I can promise you. She not only knows the site, but the surrounding area – all the way up to Pergamum it turns out, so get in touch prior to your trip and have her help you plan a great time. Seven Roses in Ephesus.


Doga Pension (or Naturel Pension) Sirince Village. This has to be one of my favourite hotel experiences of late. Mustafa and his family are just incredible hosts – you really feel welcome.

Beautiful Sirince Village

Beautiful Sirince Village

The place is basic, but clean and comfortable and falling asleep with nightingales singing in your ears from the nearby forest was just the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, what a breakfast!!! My goodness. I cannot wait to return and to me Doga Pension and a stay here is worth it as a destination in itself. Exactly my kind of place. Doga Pension.


Sirincem Restaurant, The Village. Ok, I don’t need to give you many recommendations for places to eat as your host Mustafa of Doga Pension can sort you out, but here is one (which he of course told me about). This is great great Turkish food – you’ll see locals and day trippers (Turkish) from Izmir come here to eat. Dine outside in the shade or sun as you prefer and let Ali and his staff look after you with amazing food and second to none Turkish hospitality. Here is their site, for the Turkish speaking amongst you… Sirincem Restaurant.


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