For years, famously (in our family) and much to the amusement-puzzlement of any Spanish people I met, the only place in their country I’d been to was Badajoz. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but I get the feeling it’s a bit like someone having been to England, but Grimsby… Am I doing Badajoz a disservice? Perhaps… Anyway, now I’m certainly beginning to discover this country.

Found You... Hello Spain

Found You… Hello Spain

Starting this year with a fantastic trip, where I was a guest of the Andalusian Tourist Board to the Sierra Nevada and Granada, followed by Barcelona and now back exploring the wilder, remoter, parts of Andalusia…

I have to say I must be missing something as Jim Morrison sang; Andalusia with fields full of grain… So far, fields yes, but grain?

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Take Me To Spain

Take Me To Spain

Hmm, olives… lots of olives, only olives! Anyway, he went on to say; I have to see her again and again… and this part I am starting to agree with.

So the following are my pages to Spain… Enjoy.

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