Who on Earth am I…

Since the year 2000 I have been leading tour groups throughout Europe and the world. It’s been a great ride and along the way have come many tales to tell.

A few years ago my passion for writing was the inspiration for this site…

Now this blog is intended for you all to finally keep track of where I am and see what I’ve been up to.

Reading to a Butterfly

Reading to a Butterfly

As I travel around the world, working or not, I’ll try to make posts with funny tales, what I’ve been up to, photos and good advice for anyone else wishing to visit these same places.

Check back whenever you can and I promise to keep it brief, informative and interesting.

So you decide – what on Earth am I up to…


10 Responses to “Who on Earth am I…”

  1. Ineteresting that since your cover as a tour guide has been blown, you “suddenly” come up with this blog! It’s great, almost professional like, but I’m not fooled so easily.

    I’m watching the papers for a “mysterious death” (or more) in Thailand. Really MI6, surely you can find a better cover than “tour guide”.

    Sounds to James Bond like, “Univeral Imports & Exports” please get a better cover. Nobody is fooled by this 1960’s type cover.

    Glad you are well and thriving, kindest regards to yourself (Ha! Tour Guide” and much love to the “wife”.


    PS Cats miss you guys

  2. Hey you! So it doesn’t fool you eh? Damn! I thought it was so clever. Anyway not all ‘spies’ are in the mysterious deaths business, some are into spying on subjects of crucial national security such as best Thai curry recipes, do other countries have better sunsets than us? Can an economy be sustained on 50 pence beers? Mental torture = Topless beaches – how to resist under extreme pressure when your’e not wearing pants under your boardies!

    The ‘wife’ – best cover of all that one (comes with the job), sends much love to you too.

    When my next ‘mission’ takes us your way (can an economy be sustained on zero tax? Lucky buggers!) we’ll be sure to let you know!


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  4. Maybe an Italian teacher! 
    I’m so amused by your sparkling tales.. 😉

  5. Definitely not a Spy…… I can confirm this guy is a Tour Guide….. probably the best Tour Guide I have ever encountered…… and I am reasonably well travelled.

    My recent holiday with my wife to Lake Como promised to be quite amazing from the Tour Schedule. However, our expectations for the holiday were surpassed and this was down to this guys professionalism, knowledge, energy, limitless enthusiasm, entertainment value and good company.

    We had such a great time in Italy ….. and also learnt so much about things we were not expecting….. thank you for the experience and hope that our travel paths cross again some time…..

    • Hi Gary and Janet of course

      Thanks so much for your extremely kind words and really for taking the time to post it here. It was great to meet you and I am truly thrilled you had such a great time.

      As you could tell I love Italy and the Lake too and I’m glad some of my enthusiams has rubbed off on you.

      I really hope to meet you both sometime in the future – on holiday abroad or back in the UK. Please stay in touch.

      Remember – no word for ‘goodbye’, so… arrivederci


  6. Tom, you are a tricky man to contact, as per usual! Anyway, having a 40th birthday party on the 24th of Jan to celebrate a) being not very old and b) returning to the UK from South Africa this month – will be in Kingston on the river if by some miracle you are in the UK that weekend! If you are give me your email and I’ll fwd you the details, if you aren’t hope to see you another time as it has been too long!! Rob

    • Aye, my friend – I suppose I am a moving target. I like your attitude to the big four – oh (mine coming up too). Will email you right now 😉

  7. Hi Thomas ,
    I met you at the Marinas Hotel Nerja and you kindly gave me your contact card which unfortunately got lost when I lost my purse. Would be very grateful if you could make contact with your contact details to my email.
    Hope all going well
    Anne-Marie ( Saga )

  8. Hey Thomas. This is Frank Vashaw (from the Italy baseball group). I am trying to find a direct contact to you. My daughter is in France for a spell. She got a boring job at the Moulin Rogue . Wanted to say hey and ask some questions. Can you email at fvashaw@hotmail.com ? I trust all is well with you.

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