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This page includes the Province of Granada – so anything that is not the city itself.

As I recently established roots in a small village called Guajar Alto, in Andalusia, Granada Province, I am hoping during the following years to get to know this my new home Province rather well.

I adore my little village from which several paths head up into the hills the tower on three sides.

Sunset From my Terrace...

Sunset From my Terrace…

It still has soul and reminds me of bygone eras – as far as I can tell there is ONE place with internet (see below).

However the Province of Granada is large with so much to explore – as I am discovering almost daily. Here then are my tips for things to see and do in Granada Province, as well as places to eat and stay…

Guajar Alto, Los Guajares

Bar-Restorante Carmen. Just off the main square, Guajar Alto (certainly no website). Though it does seem to be the only place in my village where there is wifi, this is not the reason to come. The day I arrived in the village, it was lunchtime and I was starving – thankfully there was at least one place that serves food – and what food! My goodness the cooking here is delicious.

The Locals During the Football...

The Locals During the Football…

I’ve since discovered it is very well known in the are and people travel miles (especially on Sundays) to eat here. It’s got a proper local feel – people are friendly and I love it. Loris and Aleandro are the very best of hosts. As an Englishman I have been very fortunate to end up living in a village with such a great ‘pub’.

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  1. Enjoyed many of your posts for a long while. If I might ask, how has living in Guajar Alto worked out for you? Pros?cons? I am visiting there and some other Alpujarra locations this summer with an eye towards a vacation home and would love any input you might have.

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