TG Tips – Barcelona

Barcelona Travel Tips

In 2018 I moved to Barcelona where I now live. Last year even I would never have been able to imagine myself writing that sentence. I was in a distinct minority of close to one (?) who did not like the capital of Catalunya.

This was despite several visits – though always for work – seeing the same monuments, views and sites whilst eating the same tired old tapas (something which is not really truly Catalan) – oh and heaven forbid paella.


However, not least thanks to meeting, and beginning a new chapter of my life with, a wonderful local guide, plus of course how one inevitably starts to get to know a place when one lives there. (I don’t care how many times holiday brochures or agencies spew out; ‘authentic’, ‘explore’, ‘discover’, ‘like the locals’ etc – no two day visit – or shorter sometimes – ever scratches the surface of a city like Barcelona). This previously held view of the city is slowly beginning to change. Turns out, Barcelona is not sooo bad…

So, here is my – growing – list of Barcelona gems, as I stumble across them… I hope you enjoy…


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