Briançon Old Town – A Guided Visit (Part 3)

Your guided stroll through the old town of Briançon with Darren and myself concludes in this final episode.

In Part 3 – no guided visit is complete without a visit to at least one church (and this is a good’un), learn what exactly it was Vauban invented and what made it so special and finally, Darren and I plan our next trip; where to next?

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for following this far and watching all the way through until the end. Well, neither Spielberg nor the Cohen brothers, nor PBS nor even the BBC have called – so for me, it is back to the day job. There is no doubt travelling is better in person and the net is now filled with an increasingly large number of these ‘virtual visits’. It is just not the same when you can’t hear the river below the bridge, taste the cheese, or sip the wine in person; I get that. Maybe the most I can hope with these videos, is to inspire you to get back on the road as soon as conditions permit.


Anyway, take a final 8 minute break out of your day, sit back and press PLAY.

Thank you so much those who have watched all three episode and especially to all who pressed ‘like’ or took the time to send a comment – your kind words do mean a great deal.

Tips for optimum viewing:

  1. Press the little cog (down on the right) and pick the highest number your internet speed allows.
  2. Then press the perforated square (further right) and watch on full screen.

Happy Viewing – hope you enjoy…

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4 Responses to “Briançon Old Town – A Guided Visit (Part 3)”

  1. Thank you, Thomas and Darren! I so enjoyed your wonderful production, and am now itching to travel again! Thomas, I have also enjoyed reading about you and your son. It so wonderful that you are a continuing presence in his life.

    • Thanks so much Judith. Nice of you to mention Darren – he is such a great director, so easy to work with. Glad you have enjoyed the reading also… Hopefully I’ll soon be seeing more of him. Hugs…

  2. Thanks for the equally interesting part 3. I hope you make more films when the chance comes along. Better still, I hope you get back to guiding at the first opportunity.

    • Hah, could not agree more with both those statements… Thanks for watching through until the end

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