Briançon Old Town – A Guided Visit (Part 1)

Here is something a little bit different for you; part one of a three part mini series – Discovering Briançon Old Town – released over the next three evenings.

Join local film maker and producer, Darren Turner and myself as we stroll through the old town of Briançon, high in the French Alps on a beautiful day in April. In Part 1 dodge ‘murder holes’, be introduced to the genius that is Vauban, cross the scary – yet stunning – Devil’s Bridge and ‘gargle’ down the main street as we unravelled the fascinating history of this, Europe’s highest, town.

For the many of you that come to this site as you have travelled with me somewhere in the world, this is a little flashback to the past, or a glimpse even of the hopefully near future. For all of you, hopefully and enjoyable ‘trip’ to Briançon. For your viewing pleasure, we have cut this film into three, easy, bite-sized parts (so you don’t have to put up with me for a full half hour).

Many of you have over the years been kind enough to say I ought to be on TV – well, this is a chance for you to eat your words, or, in the event that after watching, you stand by that, share this with anyone looking for a TV guide to Europe and beyond. Have hat, will travel…

Anyway, without more fuss, take an 8 minute break out of your day, sit back and press PLAY.

I hope to see you all back for Part 2, tomorrow (same place, roughly same time).

Tips for optimum viewing:

  1. Press the little cog (down on the right) and pick the highest number your internet speed allows.
  2. Then press the perforated square (further right) and watch on full screen.

Happy Viewing – hope you enjoy…


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6 Responses to “Briançon Old Town – A Guided Visit (Part 1)”

  1. Thomas: I’m so glad to be on your mailing list. It was wonderful to receive your 1/3 tour of Briancon. It reminded me…again…of what an intelligent, superb tour leader you are…by far the best I have experienced in over 60 years of travelling the word.

    • Bonsoir Diana… WOW, wow… thank you SO much for your super kind comment. That has made my Friday night. Hopefully you will enjoy the next two parts also. Many thanks for watching…

  2. If I could have binge watched all three episodes tonight, I would have. I look forward to parts 2 and 3. Glad they’re dropping one after the other and not a week apart. I’ll bet you’re going to make me wait until the last episode to find out what’s in Darren’s backpack. (Can you tell I’ve been watching lots of TV during Covid?) You’re on to something here Thomas. Off the beaten path and filled with interesting historical tidbits. Thanks. More please.

    • Hah, I love the binge watch comment. Turns out – as I am not great at these things – there is a way to do that, but hopefully not too many will discover it. Darren suggested one episode per week, but at only 8 minutes that seems too much of a gap. Really happy you have enjoyed it. Would love to do more, so let’s see…

  3. Hello Thomas,
    I loved watching this video and learning. It so makes me want to travel in Europe again. What trips are you offering next year? You are still the best.
    Chalice Racey

    • Thank you so much Chalice. That is very kind of you. I am glad you could do a little virtual travelling. Next year not scheduled yet… happy to listen to suggestions and take requests. Hugs

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