(My) Immigrant Song

This week one of the UK’s most vile, selfish and contemptible politicians (I use the term in its loosest sense) posted an image on his Twitter account of a solitary rubber dinghy landing on a beach in Southern England. The singular vessel contained, if I am not mistaken seven or eight adults and maybe three or four young children. In the low-lit shot, they can be seen moving away up the beach, presumably trying to distance themselves as quickly as possible from the photographer. The photo was captioned by the comment; ‘EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF BEACH LANDING BY MIGRANTS – Shocking invasion of the Kent Coast taken this morning’.

For someone as obsessed with people crossing borders, one might think the poster of this video, might know the difference between ‘migrants’ and ‘immigrants’, ‘refugees’ and asylum seekers’. Assuming they did not sail from neighbouring East Sussex or down from Essex, that would for a start make them immigrants – not migrants – and were they to prove asylum seekers, well then they are breaking no law sailing across the channel and applying for, well… asylum.

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~ by 2ndcupoftea on August 9, 2020.

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  1. ‘I come from the land of the ice and snow, the midnight sun where the hot springs blow’ Yeah Mr Farage and the Tory party up to their old tricks, things are going very wrong here, so they blame a tiny number of foreign people who are fleeing what, we can only imagine. For me they are welcome here to try and build a better live. Only thing I will say is that things must be bad if they want to come to The UK right now ! Good luck in France. Sean.

  2. To think we were once a country that once welcomed people fleeing from poverty, violence and oppression. So many of our current politicians, who work to stop this now, are descendents of such people, especially at a time when we should be devoting all our energies to combatting Covid 19 and the dangerous outcomes of Brexit.

  3. So sad.

    Hope you are well.

  4. It looks as if certain American attitudes may be seeping across the Atlantic.

  5. The intense sadness of it all is heart breaking.What a strange tearful world we live in with so little compassion or empathy.

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