Still Looking For a Great 2020 Holiday?

Permit me to suggest one of two options; Athens followed by a customised cruise to the Greek islands with a wonderful twist, or a Land Tour to one of my personal favourites; the Dalmatian Coast.

Two great itineraries in their different ways, two things in common; a real Mediterranean flavour and I’d be your guide on either (or both).

It’s All Greek to me; Athens And The Islands” October 2020 – guaranteed departure (Max 20 guests).

This itinerary has been put together by myself and my friend and colleague (through whose site you can book). We will take in some of the absolute iconic highlights of the Mediterranean, before doing what almost no one does; disembark for a wonderful finale with 3 nights on Santorini. ONLY 2 SPACES LEFT (due to a cancellation).

The Dalmatian Coast – Where The Balkans Meet The Mediterranean” – September 2020.

Once more I will be your guide for this adventure, but this time freelance for a fabulous agency called Discover Europe. This is the replica of a journey I took myself with an ex girlfriend years ago and we were both blown away by the beauty and off the beaten path feel of parts of the coast. Dubrovnik, Zadar (you have to hear the wave organ once in your life) and Split are fascinating to visit.

Any further questions, you can certainly email me, or if you prefer contact Lucy (for Greece) or Discover Europe (for The Dalmatian Coast). Hope to hear from you and see you out there on the Med later this year…

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