Here You Go – Bordeaux to Barcelona, September 2020

Picture yourself on a hill in the mountains…

Dear Friends…

This is the proverbial ‘it’. The first of our very own tours has been transferred from dream to very much bookable experience. We are so happy and I admit, a little proud too. Indeed we’d like to think you need search no further for your September 2020 holiday.

Based on your feedback, for the first of our tours, we decided to stay close to home; an incredible 13 day true holiday experience heading off from marvellous Bordeaux, through enigmatic Basque country and across the magnificent Pyrenees to our home; Catalonia and Barcelona.

Real memorable highlights for you will be:

  • Private boat trip at Cap Ferret
  • The simply brilliant Cité du Vin – wine museum/experience Bordeaux
  • Visit to The Guggenheim
  • 4x4s in the stunningly beautiful Aiguestortes National Park, Catalonia
  • Stunning scenery
  • A visit to my favourite church in the world – which hides a real secret
  • Learn about the fascinating WW2 Freedom Trails across the Pyrenees
  • Beautiful Parador hotels
  • Guided visit to the simply must see – Sagrada Familia
  • You all know how much I like food and wine
  • A real highlight? Hmm, not sure – but you of course get me as your guide

In order to get this up and running for next year, we have teamed up with someone I have known close to half my life; Lucy – fellow guide and dear friend. Lucy runs her own agency; Lucy Loves Travel and this trip is a joint effort. All reservations will be made through her, all guiding will be done by me.

For further details, including how to book please visit Lucy Loves Travel by clicking here. Feel free to email me with any questions of course…

Thank you so much for all your interest, faith and trust – I cannot wait to see many of you again in 2020. Let’s bring holidays back… Happy Travels.

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13 Responses to “Here You Go – Bordeaux to Barcelona, September 2020”

  1. I tried to leave a comment on the other website and not sure it appeared. I can’t book in 2020 since I have other travel plans. Would be interested if you do another tour like this in 2021.

    • Hey Martie, no stress. Thanks for your comment… Ideally this would run every year (it’s a great trip) – each time we launch, I’ll shoot a post… Really looking forward to seeing you again – one day 😉

  2. Hello, Thomas. Good to hear from you. I believe I just registered for this trip with Lucy, and Leslie McGovern is going to do the same. It sounds wonderful. I’ve never been to any of these places. This coming September we’re going to the Canadian Rockies with Road Scholar. Betsy Heil ad Marianne Simpson are joining us. Stay well…

    • Hello hello, you did indeed just register. Lucy confirmed. I’ll buy you a very nice bottle in France, for officially being my very first guests. THANK YOU. It will be a great trip – promise. Meanwhile enjoy the Rockies – am very envious of that… A bientot

  3. Thomas, we did segments of that tour with you a few years ago and it was spectacular. Will watch for other plans you develop.

    • Hello Hal, I remember it well 😉 Yes, I’ve taken the latter part of that trip and made modifications that I think will greatly improve it. Next one announced – likely to be Lisbon to Salamanca. Meanwhile if you have any friends you think would enjoy this one… 😉 See you soon…

  4. Hi Thomas. So happy to hear from you. Jimmy and I are going to Isreal this September. We would absolutely love to do a trip with you as our guide. One of the places on our bucket list is Scandinavian countries. Also Ireland, Scotland and London. Please stay in contact to let us know if you have any trips planned there. Big hugs from Jim and me.
    The Rosenblums of New York!!!!! (the crazy ones)

    • Hello hello, right now from Israel as it happens 😉 Scandinavia is on the cards – meanwhile if you can get together a small (max 24 pax group) – I can create anything. Customised trips work really well… I’ll be in touch. Hugs from the Holy Land… 😉

  5. Thomas,
    This itinerary sounds good, but any chance you will do a hiking trip in the Pyrenees? Maybe more activity and less eating and drinking? I’d love to join you.

    • Hello Sue, great to hear from you. A hiking trip to the Pyrenees would be fabulous and I can easily put something great together. I don’t have enough ‘alumni’ to fill one, but if you know of people who might be interested and want to suggest dates, I can absolutely create something wonderful for you and guide it myself… Let me know. Big hug 😉

  6. Thomas I’m delighted you have worked this out. Can’t go on this trip but loo forward to the future!

    • Ciao Susan, thanks for reading… Anywhere you’d like to come and paint, just let us know. We can start that way also; you say when and where would suit (plus ideally begin with a couple of extra guests) and we build it around you… Many hugs from Israel 😉

  7. Good luck with it all.Sure it will ge great.

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