We Who Are About To Die…. 2 hours in Gladiator School, Rome

On my last trip to Rome I was fortunate enough to fulfil a bit of a fantasy of mine. Ever since I lived a year in Rome and walked past the magnificent Colosseum I have pondered the gruesome fate that awaited thousands of, I thought; slaves forced to fight as gladiators. On this occasion finally with time on my hands – I decided to sign up for gladiator school and see first hand what this might have been like.

The Gruppo Storico Romano located on the Ancient Appian way just outside the centre of Rome have for 16 years, since they were set up, offered courses in gladiatorial combat. On offer is even a full five month course. That seemed a little hard to justify in terms of time, money and effort. Am I to (fingers crossed) live to an average age – it would mean dedicating nearly 1% of my life to becoming a gladiator- hmm. However 2 hours? Now that’s more like it…

I can't Believe Gladiators in Rome Wore These - HEAVY!

So, after spending ages trying to find the place, my Roman taxi driver getting more and more frustrated, I rocked up at the gates of the arena. I was issued a rookie tunic and a wooden gladius and it was time to begin. If you would like to read more about my experiences as a Roman Gladiator, please follow the link. You can find details of how to enrol and the location too plus a few myths about gladiators busted!

The fact that I am reviewing this place does give you an idea that the lions went hungry that night, but it’s still worth a read- Ave!


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