More Than 3 And a Half Hours All For… DNF?!? ‘Hot’ Copenhagen Marathon 2016

First, thank you so much to all who sponsored me. Once again, when that infamous ‘wall’ – bane of all Marathon runners was struck – this time 5 kms after last time at 32 kms, you once again carried me through. Having sponsors means I cannot even contemplate dropping out.

Time; 3 hours 41 minutes and 52 seconds (no PB, but my second fastest time)

200 metres to go... Will I ever just once look happy at this stage?

200 metres to go… Will I ever just once look happy at this stage?

This was a great Marathon. Must humoured prior to the start by repeated announcements warning us to be aware of the ‘soaring temperatures’ likely to reach 22 degrees.

Yes not a typo. 22. Wow. Sunscreen on, gallons of water on board. I guess I am blessed to be able to train in Spanish temperatures where one dreams of 22 – the cool period of the day in which to run. I did find it amusing that the Danish headline the next day ran; ‘The heat slaughters the Marathon runners’.

It all depends what you are used to. However glorious sunshine in this most beautiful of cities – I had forgotten just how amazing my one time capital is – meant what was missing from Lisbon was present here; crowds, huge crowds, huge cheering crowds all the way through to the end. And anyone who has done one of these will know how that lifts.

You can call the search off...

You can call the search off…

On the other hand what was apparently not present all the way until the end was; yours truly. According to the official website I made it through 42,195 km, before… DNF?! The site at one point displayed the rather dramatic; ‘last seen at’… I can only hope they have stopped looking.

So THANK YOU to those who donated once again and thank you to all the thousands of supporters who cheered us through the sun drenched streets of Wonderful Copenhagen. I have already signed up for the next one – my first attempt at 2 in one year, but if I want to beat 3 hours and 30 minutes, which I do, best get to it as soon as possible.

Here we go Again...

Here we go Again…

Next time; October 2nd 2016 KoΕ‘ice in Slovakia – I am once again looking for a charity to run for if anyone has any ideas…

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  1. Well done Thomas – always a challenge to run that long. Best wishes for the year ahead.

    • Thank you so much… now when are we travelling together again?! Been too long already. Was in Luton today – always reminds me how random that you know that place. Many hugs to you both.

  2. OOOOPS! Xxx

  3. Bravo Thomas! Check out our Bolder Boulder run for next May…and you can stay at “Hotel Hawley.” Happy travels.

    • Oooh I like the sound of that πŸ˜‰ Both the run and the extremely kind invitation. Will look into it. As of yet, I am still free in may… Thanks for your support. Hugs to you both πŸ˜‰

  4. Wow Thomas. I didn’t know about the sponsorship possibility. For next time check out Great very small (as in a volunteer director and no staff really!) organization dedicated to returning music to the young children of Afghanistan. A long time very dear friend is doing this one. I think it is very worthy

    Great job on the run! Susan

    • I like the idea of this very much. I will look at the site tomorrow. If there is a way to donate then I could run for them next time – in October… Thanks for reading, the encouragement and the suggestion. Hugs

  5. But what about the leg/knee problems you mentioned earlier this year??….

    • Hey Gerald. They stopped me training for a month (January) and then slowly slowly I nursed my knee back to some sort of health. And it held up through every one of the 42 kms! Thanks so much for asking πŸ˜‰

  6. Congrats on finishing! The DNF is annoying, but you know you DF and have your pictures and memories to prove it. Doing a Fall marathon on your already great base seems like a good idea. Keep us posted! I continue to run at a brisk walking pace and will soon start training for my 21st Half. I get what it takes to do what you do!

    • Hi there Peggy! Thanks for your kind words. In the end I contacted the organisers and they corrected the error πŸ˜‰ 21 half marathons eh? THAT is very impressive. Let me know how it goes… Hugs from Brittany

  7. So, your next Marathon must be coming up real soon? Keep us all posted.

    • Dear Rich – next one is February. Lack of training (too many tours) meant I had to postpone the one in Slovakia – I am on the last tour right now, after which training can start in earnest – watch this space πŸ˜‰

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