My mission, should I choose…

Well all this recent facebook speculation as to the real reason I do all this travelingl has prompted me to start a blog. Here is the first real instalment of news from far away..

My next trip has been booked.  I have accepted the mission. I’ll have the pleasure of escorting 24 Americans through Northern Italy (Como and Milan to be precise), over the Alps to Switzerland and then into Bavaria. The dates for this trip are towards the end of May, so I’ve had to cut short my stay here in Thailand.

For now we are lazing around (well, Becs is working) here on Koh Tao. With the ongoing worries in the capital, Bangkok, we were quite concerned that visitor numbers and hence divers, would drop off here on the island. However, the week leading up to the crazy Koh Phangang Full Moon Party (aka the “get ripped off, your bungalow burgled, smashed beyond all recognition and wake up with random cuts and bruises of which you have no recollection” party), usually a quiet time, has been super busy and Becs has been working more than ever.

Whilst Becs earns a crust (a whole two pounds for this mornings dive) I take it a little easier, research my next tour and carry on with the Stieg Larsson series. This leaves us the evenings free to enjoy sunsets like this:

Every single evening the sunset is just incredible

…and then it’s just grab a couple of Singha beers (extensive research has established that at one pound a bottle, they are hard to beat!) before deciding at which of the several great eateries to have fab Thai curry.

So, I have chosen to accept the mission – Italy, Switzerland and Germany, here I come! Did I mention there will be a quick (4 or 5 days or so) trip to Cambodia first- the excuse is an expired visa. The real reason to ‘spy’ some temples… stay tuned!

check these pix:

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