Thank You and Obrigado From Lisbon Marathon


And That…

Was Tough.

It... Just... Hurts...

It… Just… Hurts…

3 Hours and 45 Minutes this time round.

I am so happy – though I did not break my PB (3 hours 31 mins) there was a stage where I thought I would not even complete.

With each one of these I do manage to complete I have more respect for anyone who runs one. Lisbon I had heard was a ‘fast’ course… The only thing I’d define as fast about it, is how quickly you get tired. They started us up a hill – that’s just a little nasty no? Anyway, perhaps good as a warm up?

Then we did a couple of twists and turns in Cascais before we hit the beach road and ran more or less 30 kms straight, straight, straight… That kills you. When I finally turned left after around 31 kms into the centre of Lisbon, it seemed my body had forgotten the motions required to do so.

Thanks From Lisbon... Sincerely.

Thanks From Lisbon… Sincerely.

Anyway, mainly this post is to say a HUGE big Thank You to those who sponsored me this time round. For the first time I had to walk in a Marathon – I was on course for a sub 3 hour 30 mins race – my dream – when suddenly at km 28 things went ‘ouch’ and I had to walk until 29. I owe my sponsors even more than usual for had it not been for them I am pretty sure I would have dropped out at this stage. But then I thought, I can’t do that as people have pledged money. Then after that I thought – ok well, start running again as you have nothing else to do for the next hours and if you keep walking you’ll finish at Christmas… so I did and 14 agonising kilometres later – you and your generous spirit carried me over the line… so so happy and only 14 mins behind my dream time.

Just How 'Wonderful' Remains to be Seen...

Just How ‘Wonderful’ Remains to be Seen…

So, being a sucker for this sort of punishment along with the completely indescribable thrill of crossing that line (if you’ve done it you know what I mean) and in the mix the thought of raising even more money for charity, I have already signed up for the next one – and where better than ‘home’ (my original one that is) – Denmark!

Watch this space for my next choice of charity or please feel free to suggest something close to your heart and I will endeavour to do my best on 22nd May 2016

Again, from Lisbon… Obrigado and Thank You

Done! Thank You and See You in 7 Months...

Done! Thank You and See You in 7 Months…

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12 Responses to “Thank You and Obrigado From Lisbon Marathon”

  1. Well done, Thomas. Have a rest now. You deserve it.

  2. I’m amazed that you did it at all. After 10 days of rich food and having to walk at a snail’s pace with our group, you couldn’t have been at peak training level. Congratulations. That’s quite an accomplishment. Hope you had some time to enjoy Lisbon.

    • Thank you so much! Ah I was pretty much at snails pace today at certain points – so maybe it was great preparation… Thanks so much for reading and commenting – much love to you and Vic – keep him on max one dessert per day eh? 😉

      • Yeah, good luck with that, but I’ll tell him. BTW, for your next run, you might think about doctors without borders, eh?

  3. I know how easy it would have been to drop out, but the poor animals you were running cannot until they drop dead, so well done

    • Yes I did think of the poor poor blighters a few times today… I hope this will make some difference – however small. Thanks dad for always supporting me.

  4. Well done! What staying power! And all in such a great cause! SOOOOOO pleased for you!x

    • Thank you and especially for your super generous donation(s)… Today I truly owe you and the others who sponsored me so much. Without you, Lisbon for me would have been ‘did not finish’ 😉 Tanti baci x x x

  5. Running that far without an army or monster behind you is just WOW
    Congrats on another one

    • Heidi, dear Heidi I LOVE your comment! Made me laugh. Thanks so much my dear. By the way to make you laugh – have you seen the excellent Norwegian film ‘Kraftidioten’? Hope to see you soon – come to Spain 😉

  6. Hi Thomas. Remember the Road Scholar group you lead in May? I finally did a book of the trip on Shutterfly and (tried to) send a copy for you to see. I hope you got it. If not, check spam. Cheers, Anne and Steve Rausch

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