Lisbon Marathon For Donkeys

Dear Friends…

The time is approaching for me to sweat, struggle and curse through another – my third – attempt at a Marathon. This means it is again time to humbly ask for a little donation towards this folly.

(If you want to skip the why – please just press here)

A Lesser Known Cause Perhaps?

A Lesser Known Cause Perhaps?

My first Marathon was two years ago where by some miracle I made it from the Villa Pisano near Padova to Venice in 3 hours and 50 minutes. Last year many of you sponsored me to run through the streets of Paris, raising money for Tommy’s Children Charity in the process. I failed by one minute in making my target time of 3 hours and 30 minutes, but much more importantly thanks to you raised more than £500. As a result, there was always going to have to be at least one more.

So on 18th October this year I will try to run from Cascais to Lisbon in Portugal and break my personal target of three and a half hours. The training has well and truly begun and in-between guiding groups throughout Europe, the running miles are starting to add up (the walking ones look after themselves).

Breaks Your Heart...

Breaks Your Heart…

This time I am once again asking for help on behalf of someone who truly cannot do so themselves – the millions working animals of this world. I came across the amazing charity SPANA SPANA and the work they do by chance. However once I did, the images alone inspired me to take on another Marathon. The photos of these poor creatures are harrowing – the only comfort being that easing their suffering is possible even with tiny amounts.

A Different Life - Lake Como Donkey (from where I started my fund raising)

A Different Life – Lake Como Donkey (from where I started my fund raising)

SO… I am trying to find 42 people who will sponsor me £10 per kilometre (WHOOPS – as Colin points out; not THAT much – £10 per PERSON. Math never my strong point) – which will mean reaching my target of £420. If in doubt about the validity of the cause or you would like to learn more, please have a look from the link above at the plight of millions of working animals throughout the world and the work SPANA does in helping them. Then, if you can spare a kilometre I, and even more so, they – will be ever so grateful.

THANK YOU – Thomas

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  1. I presume 42 people with a £10 donation rather than £10/km per person? Yeah I’m in.

    • Oh goodness – did I not make that clear? 😉 Whoops – yes absolutely max ten quid each. That will get me £420 which will make a huge difference – THANKS – hugs to you and your ‘working animals’ – the cats 😉

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