Tour Guide Tips – What Is 2nd Cup of Tea?

The inspiration behind 2nd Cup Of Tea was a series of emails I used to receive. They would be from people I knew, who had travelled with me, from friends or family, but also often from people I had never met.

See The World With 2nd Cup of Tea

See The World With 2nd Cup of Tea

They had two things in common; they knew I am a tour guide and they wanted tips about where to go and what to see.

Sometimes (although I try to make it as rarely as possible); I am busy. Then, it’s easier to refer people to the relevant page on this site where they can see for themselves.

As a result 2nd Cup of Tea is a slowly growing guide book to the world (as 2014 sees me expand my working horizons beyond Europe). As I travel, I add new places I discover, so check back frequently.



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