Portugal holds a very special place in my travel heart.

In many ways I think this was the country where a visit to which that gave birth to my love for travel. I will always be indebted to Portugal and its people.

I first came here aged 16 with my father. At the time he was participating in an exchange with the university of Portalegre in the Alentejo. He invited me along and what lay ahead turned out to be a great father and son experience. I will never forget this trip which introduced me to so many of the things I love to this day; Southern Europe, seafood, red wine, small family owned restaurants on tucked away lanes and so much more.


That first trip took in Lisbon, Marvao, Evora and even included my first dip into my now adopted country of Spain. It used to amuse Spaniards that for decades the only place I had visited in the country where I now live was Badajoz.

Each time I have returned to Portugal since, I have felt something special in this wonderful country. I don’t know, but I would not be surprised if my future holds more of Portugal…

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