What a Coincidence – Creating4Change – Finding a ‘Cause’

How funny life can be at times and truly what a small world…

See that photo in the insert below? The one of thousands of examples of the beautiful street art in Rio de Janeiro; look familiar? Yes? Well, just read on…

This is an appeal especially to all my American readers, many of whom I’ve met through my work guiding with Road Scholar and especially to those of you who are present or former educators, please consider the following…

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Most of you will know I run Marathons and some of you have found ways to sponsor me and my chosen charities for my efforts in both Paris and Lisbon. However, it has not been easy for friends in the US to sponsor UK-based charities.

This year, though I sadly have real concerns over the state of my left knee (damaged in Lisbon Marathon), I have long been signed up for Copenhagen Marathon on May 22nd. Long signed up that is, but equally long without any real ’cause’ to try to raise money for. Both runs in the past have been for charities chosen due to the very personal attachment I have felt to them, and for the next one, I didn’t want to just pick one. I turns out, just as I thought it might, it picked me!

You’ll know if you read my strung together adult fairy tale about Rio Street art, The Soul Snatcher of Rio, that I recently spent time in that wonderful city. I visited a favela and took some photos one of which was none other than this one below… these were to form the inspiration for my tale.

Throat Machine

That’s where you recognised it from.

Now for the small world part; on a tour I am leading right now near my home in Andalusia, a wonderful guest it turns out shares my passion for street art and especially that of Rio, she reads my blog and on it my story The Soul Snatcher of Rio – and just so happens to know someone who knows someone who is incorporating the art of one Brazilian street artist, the amazing Panmela Castro – creator of that exact girl – into a film dedicated to the empowering role art can play in raising awareness of domestic violence.


The film Creating4Change, is being made with the help of four female artists who have each found ways of using their art in creating positive change for women and girls. It is directed by Michigan filmmaker Sophia Kruz. The project has been designed to raise awareness about women’s rights in the U.S. and abroad, and to celebrate creative, entrepreneurial, and arts-therapy based solutions to the most pressing challenges facing women globally. As such it’s ‘worthiness’ is pretty clear.

I mean talk about a cause knocking on your door. And if T is right and The Universe makes everything happen for a reason, well then that’s enough of a hint for me, so…

As such, I’m going to give my generous UK sponsors a break this year (as I think it is tricky to donate from the UK), but turn instead to my friends in the States and ask for your support…

Watch an excellent sneak preview here:

You can donate through the page Creating4Change – Support The Film by clicking this link. And I thank you very much in advance!

(Now just one – more – request, it was literally thanks to my sponsors, as I knew I couldn’t let them down, that I pushed through to the end of Lisbon Marathon and I can’t thank them enough. If you were to support Creating4Change after reading this, I would be so grateful if you could post that you did so at the end of this page – by clicking comment – as knowing you have backed me makes a huge motivational difference when it comes to getting through those last miles)

THANK YOU – Thomas

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10 Responses to “What a Coincidence – Creating4Change – Finding a ‘Cause’”

  1. I supported this cause today in honor of you. As a fellow runner (at a walking pace), I appreciate what it takes to prepare for your big race. Listen to your body -especially your knee-and if it says no, that’s okay. If it says yes, that’s terrific! My admiration for you will not alter either way. As Schiller wrote and Beethoven put to music–Laufet, Brueder, eure Bahn, freudig wie ein Held zum Siegen.

    • Dear Peggy, I don’t know about ‘running as a hero’, but I shall do my best. THANK YOU for your support. With just one sponsor I know now I have to complete 😉 Hope to see you on the road, walking is fine too, again soon…

  2. We support you in your run, and these brave, talented women who are using their amazing art to support women around the world. Here’s to a good run and a smile on your face.

    • Jim and Louellen – first THANK you so much. Secondly how absolutely wonderful to hear from you – when are we going to travel together again? Really hope to see you both soon and sending you so many hugs 😉

  3. Thomas, we enjoyed traveling with you and look forward to your occasional(!) blogs. The causes you have chosen to support with your runs are all more than worthy and we’re happy to support them. We keep checking your schedule and haven’t found a time/tour to match, but we’ll keep on trying to link up again.

    • Dear Kathy and Alan – thanks so much for reading, commenting and especially deciding to help. I keep selecting causes that for one reason or another are close to my heart… I really hope you manage to find a tour that matches – look at the Pyrenees one – AMAZING! Many hugs 😉

  4. Thank you for inspiring us to give to Creating 4 Change. May the wind always be at your back!

    • It’s I that should be thanking you 😉 Your support really means so much and is a huge help, from whichever direction the wind may blow 😉 Hugs from Spain…

  5. Hi Thomas. As promised I have made a contribution to support you and your cause. I only hope your leg has healed enough that you will be able to run. I look forward to seeing you in October.

    • Hi Sally – thank you SO much. It really means a lot to receive your support. The knee is ok and I am still alive after the Absinthe 😉 So, indeed… see you in October.

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