2’CoT – Logo And Slogan Competition

Dear 2’CoT Readers

I am turning to you for inspiration. I need a logo and some sort of slogan perhaps.

Many of you have commented on the name of my blog; the feedback is usually that it’s good and easy to remember. Thanks for this. However I am aware it doesn’t exactly ‘do as it says on the tin’.


These Are Already Taken...

These Are Already Taken…

Also, thanks to you, the site is growing and a logical next step is a logo and perhaps something catchy to go along with it. A couple of places are now quoting 2nd Cup Of Tea in windows and on websites would you believe?

So, please submit any ideas, thoughts, suggestions and inspiration via email to thomas@2ndcupoftea.com

The most useful-helpful-inspirational will win the amazing prize of: A DINNER FOR TWO. The rules of the prize are three;

  1. YOU pick the European city of your choice.
  2. THIS year (2013).
  3. I pick the restaurant.

So, good luck. Let me repeat – I don’t necessarily need full drawings, just inspiration and ideas.

All competitions worth their salt need a deadline, so lets go for April 21st. Thanks

~ by 2ndcupoftea on March 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “2’CoT – Logo And Slogan Competition”

  1. Hi Thomas! It’s Rachel from last summer’s Tale of Two Cities trip. I am a graphic design student, so once you have your idea, I can make the logo for you if you’d like. Just shoot me an email; findrachelrae@yahoo.com.

    • Cheers Rachel! That certainly puts you frontline for the prize I’d say. 😉

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