Happiness is a Place – Travel with 2nd Cup of Tea in 2021…

Got 2 minutes? It’s 2021 so probably, like me, you do. Ok, then just press play below. I will ‘see’ you in the text afterwards…

Looks good? Yes, yes and yes are the answers you might now be looking for.

Yes, this really does exist, yes you really can visit and yes I have created my own trip – Bhutan: Happiness is a Place – for 2021 and will be your Tour Guide in November (was that a fourth yes?) If ever there is a place that lives up to the over-used ‘once in a lifetime‘ – then Bhutan is it. Promise.

All I am asking at this stage, is are you interested? If so…

How can you join me? Please read on…

Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to both Nepal and Bhutan, scouting them as potential future destinations. Some of you will have read about that experience here; Bhutan – The Last Shangri-La?

On this trip was the wonderful Vivek, who works with a great tour agency (if you like, you can hear Vivek talk about Bhutan on the Mind, Body and Health podcast here). We both fell in love with Bhutan and as soon as we returned discussed how we can share this with future visitors.

We are now putting the finishing touches to a tailor-made itinerary for November 2021, to coincide with a wonderfully colourful local festival.

Bhutan: Happiness is a Place, November 2021 – Trip Highlights:

  • Hike to the must-see to believe Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • 11 nights accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels
  • Participation in the local Tang Namkhar festival
  • Gross National Happiness evening and lecture (yes, really)
  • Archery – the national sport – lesson
  • Visit to Ta Dzong fortress – a photographer’s dream
  • Experience a traditional hot stone bath
  • Local markets, temples and monasteries
  • A Buddhist blessing ceremony
  • Meet the Bhutanese – the gentlest people on Earth?
  • Stunning scenery throughout
  • Small group – max 17 participants (anything more is illegal in Bhutan)
  • Full board
  • So so much more…

+ Optional Nepalese extension (well worth staying a little longer, I love Kathmandu).

All, I would like to know at this stage, as we finalise dates in November and cost (watch this space) is – Covid permitted (another reason small group, remote, Bhutan is the perfect destination) etc, are you interested in coming along?

Hopefully my parents will be able to join also – surely a sign how much I believe in this trip, so if not too many Randalls for you then:

Please drop me a note: thomas@2ndcupoftea.com

For those interested, true to tradition I have also published my other 2021 Tours here; Travel with me 2021 (they are also in the menu to the right).

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7 Responses to “Happiness is a Place – Travel with 2nd Cup of Tea in 2021…”

  1. Hello, Thomas!
    It’s good to hear from you and learn that you’re well. Now that Trump is gone, we Americans can have some faith in our government again. Yesterday our national medical director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, announced that most of us should be vaccinated by the end of this summer. That means
    we should be able to travel again (IF you can get can a vaccine appointment). I’m not interested in Butan but would still love to go to Spain. (Right now my travel consists of walking around the house and up and down the grocery aisles.)
    Best wishes and stay well.
    Karleen Erhardt

    • Hello Karleen. Yes there is some light at the end of the tunnel on all fronts. Great to hear from you. Maybe Spain for 2022 then? 😉 Take care, hugs from France…

  2. Yes, definitely in 2022.

  3. Yes we would love to get to come with you to Bhutan! Hoping we aren’t too old because it’s important to not hold the group back from any experience. Please keep us in the loop!

    • That’s great and such a good attitude as well. However, there is no age problems at all in Bhutan – one of the beautiful things about the place. If you email me – thomas@2ndcupoftea.com I will send more information when all is confirmed (dates and cost) Take care

  4. Definitely interested in Bhutan and probably trips in 2022 (since I live in the United States and for some reason we don’t seem to be welcome in many places!). I was on a Road Scholar trip to Paris that you led. I would like to hear why you are no longer working with Road Scholar.

    Julia Taylor

    • Hello Julia. That is great news. This trip is deliberately pushed back as late as pos in 2021 to maximise the chance. If successful, which is really should be, then I will run it again. Bhutan I would return to time and again. For the full RS story, I will be happy to share via email or over a tea in Bhutan – terrible outfit in the end 😉 Many regards… (and send a email if you like, so I can keep you posted on Bhutan dates and costs)

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