‘The Bridge’ – One (Brave) Man And His Guitar, Edinburgh Festival

Recently I had a chance to visit Edinburgh during the Festival. What a city, what a Festival and what an atmosphere. I had forgotten just how incredible the place is, having not visited in over a decade, and I had absolutely no clue just how amazing it is when the Festival is in town. A very good friend of mine was starring in a play and being not only a wonderful actress, but an amazing host, she’d arranged a series of comedies for us to see over the two days – so many laughs.

One evening I met an extraordinary chap at an actors sort of party we were privileged enough to attend. A young American he is the author of the wonderfully titled ‘Jihad! The Musical’.

Clever Clever - The Power of Laughter

Clever Clever – The Power of Laughter

The – as you can imagine – controversial show, sold out in London when it was put on at the Jermyn Street Theatre in 2010. Despite 26 signatures calling for its banning, one of the main songs – I Want To Be Like Osama is now approaching half a million views.

Comedy can be such a powerful weapon. Take Benigni’s La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful) which in a stronger way than most holocaust films gets the message of futility and utter stupidity across. Benjamin Scheuer, for such is his name, was at the Festival with his new show – The Bridge, which though described as ‘songs and stories about family, love and a good naked swim’ – is so much more. This one man and his guitar show, tells the story of how Ben dealt with the loss of his father, the ending of a long relationship and his overcoming cancer.

Again comedy is cleverly and powerfully interwoven and done so always making sure it never becomes self indulgent or too heavy. At the end amidst a hundred laughs at the other shows, it was quite moving and refreshing to see one guy open himself up in such a way and really expose the baggage that we all carry inside. In our lives we often have to put on a clown mask and just deal with whatever is going on, not least when tour guiding. Confronting ones demons as Ben has to me, takes real courage. It makes you think about what is important to you and never giving that up – needless to say, it speaks volumes for live for the moment.

Follow whatever Ben creates next at his website Benjamin Scheuer and have a look at the award winning video above to see what I mean…

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  1. Hi Thomas, hope all is well! Michael is studying history in Belgium now, so stop by if you are in the neighbourhood.

    • Hi there you!!! That’s wonderful news. I am delighted for you and him. Now there is another special young man. Please give him my regards. I’m ok – well work at least is ok. Tough year and certainly also enough material for a musical, but each in their own way. Many many hugs T x x x

  2. Lots of people have been visiting there lately and I wish I could have been there in my hometown! Oh well, one day you’ll write a post from Sydney!

  3. Would have been the icing on the cake to see you there too Michelle… What a great home town you have. Really would love another Sydney visit – it’s been too long and it was too short the last time. Much love T x x x

  4. Let us know when you decide to make South Africa your next holiday tour of choice Tom…! Rob

    • Hello!!! Great to hear from you. My goodness have I lost touch – is that where you are these days? Ok, you’re on… Maybe next winter. Hugs to the whole family x x x

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